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Jenny covers the intersection of agriculture, food and technology for She also contributes science, food, and health stories for outlets like The Washington Post, Slate, New York Magazine, Parents, and Mental Floss. She serves as Story Director for the immersive experience company TBD Immersive, and is part of the science communication project, Scimoms, which grew out of the documentary Science Moms (in which she was also featured). In her spare time, she carves ice sculptures and grows heirloom wheat. Just kidding, she has two kids. Available for freelance assignments at

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Slate Magazine

Could We Label GMOs With Pride Instead of Contempt?

It's hard to imagine a food more polarizing than Soylent, the meal replacement drink created by a 23-year-old engineer who was tired of ramen and dirty dishes. Depending on whom...


Why I Don't Worry About Feeding My Family Organic Food

I used to think organic food was best for my kids, but here's why I changed my mind. I grew up the kid of California health-nut parents, especially my dad who could never figure...

Slate Magazine

I'm a Pro-Agriculture Progressive. Pruitt's Policies Undermine My Faith in Our Food.

For the past few years, I've been part of a loosely connected group of progressives and conservatives who found common ground on food politics. We support the use of genetic...

New York Post

The everyday chemicals you actually need to worry about

Demand for products marketed "organic" and "chemical-free" is surging these days, as cautious consumers are worried about chemicals in everything from apples to wrinkle...

Slate Magazine

Patagonia's New Sustainable Food Film Ignores the Company's Anti-Science GMO Policy

Outdoor gear giant Patagonia has a long history of effectively (if bizarrely) pairing environmentalism with commerce-its famous "don't buy this jacket" campaign led into two...


Getting BRCA testing left me with more questions about cancer risk, not answers

Jenny Splitter is a writer and over-scheduled mom living in Washington, DC. Her favorite things are black coffee, uninterrupted sleep and conversations that have nothing to do...

Grounded Parents

Everybody Calm The Fuck Down About Your Sunscreen

I was hoping this summer would be a quiet one for sunscreen. Yes, the Environmental Working Group published its annual sunscreen guide, but I figured the staggering amount of...


Eating GMOs, and Loving Every Bite - Serious Eats - Medium

If you pay attention only to the loudest voices sounding off about our agricultural system, you might assume that traditional foodies and fans of food made with genetically...


5 Lessons From a Reformed Sleep Training Fanatic

I remember the moment I became a sleep training fanatic. My son was a year old, and after many failed attempts at straight "CIO," or cry it out, we'd finally found sleep...


Finding Refuge In Judaism As A Feminist Atheist

My childhood synagogue in Santa Cruz, California was the quintessential lefty feminist Jewish experience: our Cantor was a woman who played the guitar, we observed the...

Fitness Reloaded

8 Reasons Why Breastfeeding is Overhyped.

I met plenty of moms who despite their efforts couldn't breastfeed, wracked with guilt over their "failure" to give their baby the best start in life. Seeing their pain and...


My Mom's Doctor Said She Was "Just Stressed Out." She Had Cancer.

My mom was in her late forties when she began to develop headaches and stomachaches so severe she sometimes couldn't get out of bed. For months, her doctor kept telling her it...

Washington City Paper

Top of The Hour: ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar

Where: ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar, 300 Florida Ave. NW; (202) 986-3795; Hours: 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays Drink specials: Half-off select cider, wine,...

Washington City Paper

A Different Kind of Food Delivery Connects Diners with Immigrant Chefs

Noobstaa Phillip Vang missed his mother's cooking. He had just moved to D.C. from Minnesota to attend Georgetown's MBA program, and craved the Northern Vietnamese Hmong food...

Washington City Paper

Urban Agriculture Shifts Tactics Under Trump

Advocates for urban agriculture are nervous these days. President Donald Trump has said little about his agriculture policy plans, his Agriculture Secretary nominee Sonny Perdue...


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