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District of Cara 2015 Capital Fringe Festival


For the 2015 Capital Fringe, LYP was thrilled to produce Cara Foran’s solo storytelling show District of Cara:

District of Cara is like a huge pajama party where your best friend dishes on boyfriends, past and present. In this one-hour monologue/skit/therapy session, actor/writer/storyteller Cara Foran is sooooo likeable, well, you just want her to be happy and get on with her life.

Read Cara and fellow storyteller Adam Ruben’s chat for BYT’s Artist on Artist series. 

The Dish 2014 Capital Fringe Festival

Cast of The Dish

The cast’s witty banter takes us through the various segments of the show, discussing what’s “Hot or Not” in DC trends, interviewing an actual chef (at this performance it was Tiffany MacIsaac, but the guests will change with each performance), and finally ending with a live cookoff challenge. The jokes had the audience in stitches, from the mentions of “Hipster Margaritas” (PBR, lime, and tequila), to a running takedown of the DC cupcake invasion. It would be great to see this show live on as a weekly or monthly feature in the District, as it’s one dish I would gladly order again. Fringeworthy

The Dish is exceptionally entertaining and totally spot on about DC’s food scene. DC Theatre Scene

“The Dish” is gentle satire, done well. It never strains too far or tries too much, but what you get is pretty tasty. Washington Post

H Street Housewives 2013 Capital Fringe summer and fall festivals

“Consistently amusing…”  Stephanie Merry, Washington Post 

“Splitter’s observations about these types are clever, spot-on and equally savage to them all. Impressively, even within the economical one-hour running time, she also manages to make this more than just a series of potshots, giving the whole piece a storyline complete with shifting alliances, secret plans, and a planned abomination of a Cheesecake Factory in the heart of H Street. These folks are caricatures, to be sure, but they’re also characters.” Ian Buckwalter, Fringe & Purge

“A witty script and the cast’s stellar acting made H Street Housewives an impeccable performance I will never forget.”  Lauren Katz, DC Metro Theatre Arts